Garden Chillin

There is just something soothing and comforting to the soul about snuggling with the one you love in the garden just after the sun has gone down and the air has started to cool down from the heat of the day. At least in Second Life, where there are no insects that want to join the party, and you don’t have agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia, is essentially, the flip side of the coin from claustrophobia. We are absolutely fine in small confined spaces like elevators and closets and small bathrooms, as long as the shower curtain is open ! Small spaces make it easy to know what is and is not around you in that space. Open spaces, or spaces with multiple people in them, means there is way too much that you can’t see or know what is there, or who is watching.

Second Life allows people with these types of mental health issues to be able to enjoy activities or settings where we would otherwise never be comfortable doing. We love the landscaping and scenery in second life. Grass and trees and open spaces. Our home in SL, is a skydome as we prefer the open space rather than an enclosed house.

This very cute Pittenweem Garden Seated Shed from Why Not? is out now at the main store. It has a LI of 36 and comes with seating for 4 avatars including singles, friends and couples poses.

Why Not ? – Pittenweem Garden Seated Shed


Little Branch – MoonFlowerTree
Little Branch – MontereyCypress
Little Branch – RiverBirchShrub

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