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There was a time, when homestead living, was the only life we knew. We loved spending days and weeks landscaping, decorating, taking pictures. Then, pick it all up and start all over again ! We absolutely love the setup and design part of it, but once it is done, we are ready to do something different.

These days, we live in a skydome with a much more limited prim allowance, This has not removed our love for landscaping and decor setup, it just means we do it on a much smaller scale, but we still pick it up when we are done to do something new.

One of our favorite things about decorating, is picking things from multiple sets that still all work together. There are bits and pieces in this scene from the Bee Designs – Southwestern Living Room set that I picked up a couple years ago, that I knew immediately that I wanted to mix in with this pool set.

When it works, it works !

Featured Item

Bee Designs – Paradise Swimming Pool

Misc Items Included From Other Sets

Bee Designs – Cosy Tree House
Bee Designs – Southwestern Living Room
Bee Designs – Giovanna Bedroom
Bee Designs – Beach Set

Also Included

Fundati – Beach Cliffs
Fundati – Palmetto Palm
Fundati – Tropical Palm
HISA – La Petite Cloture – Stone Path
Skye – Sandy Beach
Soy – Potted Pothos
Soy – Potted Ponytail Palm
Soy – Potted Cactus Opuntia

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