Do You Pink You Can?

For the past several years, we have been a part of the RFL team Camping For A Cure. It is one of the things we are the most proud of doing in second life. With two large events each year, Freedom Rock in the spring, and I Pink I Can in the fall. This year the fall event will happen October 15th – October 30th.

“Why do you fight? ”

This is a question that is asked numerous times throughout the season. Our reason was made even more powerful recently when our step mother made the choice, to stop fighting. She was told that her breast cancer was back, for the 4th time, and had spread. We fight so that no more mothers, or in our case, no more step mothers, or sisters or cousins or aunts, have to make the choice, to stop fighting, so they can find a way to enjoy the life they have left, on their terms. She made the choice for quality of live, over a complicated medical longevity. We fight, because she can’t keep doing it anymore.

If you would like more information on Camping For A Cure, and the events that we hold in Second Life each year, you can check out Camping For A Cure on Facebook, or by contacting Jenny Anatine (jenny.shackle) in world. We are always happy to receive assistance for volunteers, or creators willing to donate items or services to the raffles or vendor shops during the event.

We are extra happy to have our very first post as an official Bee Designs blogger be this super cute pink Isabella Bedroom Set which you can find at the main store ! Be sure to check out all the other sets available at the main store to mix and match and build your own special room !

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Bee Designs – Isabella Bedroom Set

14 Piece Set including 2 Rares.
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Bee Designs – Zoe Bedroom Set
Bee Designs – Giovanna Bedroom Set

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AriskeaFameshed Birthday Gift – 2018

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