Amethyst is a member of the quartz family of minerals. It occurs naturally in volcanic rock, yet is unique in the fact that its shades of purple or violet are never uniform – So even tho it is all classified as the same mineral, each piece, is totally different and unique unto itself.

Amethyst is also considered to be quite a powerful tool in healing. It is said to have the power to alleviate stress and headaches and improve blood circulation for better health. Anyone suffering from insomnia, may find that keeping Amethyst crystals and gemstones close to their beds as they tried to sleep.

Amethyst absorbs and emits far-infrared radiation, which means that it is genuinely believed to be physically beneficial, if not controversial, when it comes to easing pain, improving circulation and inhibiting bacterial growth.

Any desires to enhance physical healing via the use of far-infrared radiation in Amethyst gemstones should only be pursued on the grounds of medical advice – we are not medical professionals and will not be responsible for anyone getting Amethyst crystals stuck in any orifices, swallowed, snorted or any other freak kinky thing you want to try.

All of that being said, I have to say that this stunning Stone In Love Amethyst Set from Second Nature Jewellery is sure to catch the eye of anyone in the vicinity. It is a bold set, meant to draw attention, in all the best ways !


Second Nature Jewellery – Stone In Love Amethyst Set


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Nuve – Michelle Eyebrows
Nuve – Michelle Lip Tint
Lempika – 15 Eyeshadow Lelutka Evox #7

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