Sunny Flowers

We have written before about the correlation between items or objects and people or memories. Sunflowers for us, are a Troy association, by proxy. Troy has a special link to sunflowers, and by sharing that emotional connection with us, they have become special to us, because they are special to him.

That is how love is supposed to work isn’t it ? You share yourself with another person so deeply, and you take in that other person so completely, that you share the joy of the other, even if it is not directed at or from you personally. You smile at sunflowers, because sunflowers make your partner smile.

This Sunflower Set from Second Nature Jewellery made us smile, because we thought of Troy, and he smiled seeing us wear it because of his own connection to them. And around and around it goes !

Love is beautiful, and so are sunflowers !


Second Nature JewellerySkye’s Sunflowers Set


ELIKATIRA Voyage Maxi Dress – Set 5
Truth Hair – Eclipse
Limerence – Dorothy Headdress RARE
Lempika – 15 Eyeshadow Lelutka Evox #8
Jack Spoon – Esty Lip Tint


FOXCITY – Glitter Box w Colour Lights


piXit – Solitude

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