Holding On To Summer

Today is September 1st, and while autumn does not officially begin until the 21st, Starbucks has released Pumpkin Spice everything ( insert gag here ) and retail stores are stocking Christmas items, therefore, Summer is on its way out. We may not be looking forward to pumpkin spice season, but we sure are looking forward to not sweating to death season !

This beautiful Achnacarry Modern U Sofa Set from Why Not ? is perfect for hanging out with friends on those last few weeks of warm get together weather. The sectional sofa has 14 cushion texture options, 7 solids and 7 patterns and there are 6 wood options. The Umbrella is rezzable by clicking the arm rest, and clicking the table will offer you multiple options for rezzable decor. The set includes the 2 banana plants as well. You can find the entire set at the Why Not ? mainstore.


Why Not ? – Achnacarry Modern U Sofa Set Fatpack-Boxed


Why Not ? – Glenfarg Cottage Set
Why Not ? – Lochinver Summer Dining & Patio Set


1 Prim Privacy Pine Grouping

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  1. […] Holding on to the summer makes me a little jealous. I want this lovely patio filled with birds and bugs, with this gorgeous sofa. I hope it’s waterproof considering this is Oregon. I love that it’s not on a mowed monoculture lawn but has a few wildflowers. Portland started adding patches with native herbs in city parks to provide food for creatures, we must sustain life on the planet. Replacing lawn plants with native species and feeding bugs and birds is the most important thing you can do to save the planet. If you’re interested, try “Nature’s Best Hope” Douglas W. Tullamy. Then you, too, can relax in the sun to the chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees and the fluttering of dragonflies. […]

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