Seeing Stars

Oh my, starry eyed surprise
Sun down to sun rise
Dance all night
We gonna dance all night
Dance all night to this DJ
Now sugar, dance all night to this DJ

There is something about a song that gets stuck in your head, even when you have not actually heard the song. A memory or a random thought just thrusts the beat into your head, and suddenly you are bopping along singing it to yourself like a fool, and not caring one bit !

This happens to us frequently with Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise. We are not quite sure why this particular song is such a frequent visitor on our internal playlist, but once it does, it is there for at least a good 24 hours. Perhaps it is the beat, but even tho it came out long after our rollerskating days, it gives off roller rink vibes !

Seeing the stars on this weekends Saturday Sale offerings from Second Nature Jewellery instantly threw the single on repeat in our minds. It may not be Saturday, but all three items are out now at the mainstore. So grab your skates and find your favorite DJ and see your own stars !


Second Nature Jewellery – Ginger Earrings Siver
Second Nature Jewellery – Ginger Choker Silver
Second Nature Jewellery – Ginger Necklace Silver

available at the mainstore for The Saturday Sale


RAMA SALON – Sierra Hair
Decoy – Priscilla Romper


RAMA – Vertical Palm Wall ‘Pink’

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