Retro Vibes

I am dedicating today’s post to a dear friend Abbey Jenna, because the song that was playing on repeat for the duration of shooting this photo is one that she posted on Facebook.

You can find me at the bar, shuttin’ down Broadway
Going too hard, bat shit crazy
So, turn the night up to ten, the whiskey’s fine, jump in
Going off, off, off, off, off the deep end

The vibes from this song brought me right back to the me I used to be, in my much younger years. The song mentions whiskey and Busch Light, but I was usually drinking Tequila and Natural Light ( I was a broke college student in those days, don’t judge ! ) Drinking and getting bat shit crazy was my signature move for any form of stress, or well, I never really needed a reason.

Maybe one of these days
I’ll pull all my shit together, sit down and do whatever
People do these days
‘Til then, you know, I’m doing okay

I have reached a point in life where I may still not have my shit together, but it is a hell of alot more stable. I am doin’ more than okay, I have reached the stage of my life I like to call “Responsible Adult” – ish. It has been 24 years since we have had a drink, and you could not pay me enough to ever want to do my younger years again. We were a train wreck in our 20’s, we worked way too hard to get where we are, to ever want to go back and have to figure it all out again. Being a responsible 47 year old, is nowhere as boring as we ever though it would be.

I can still listen to the song and enjoy it without wanting to grab a drink and party with the crowd. I can appreciate the music and the waves it is giving off, without wanting to dive right back into them. There are parts of that former life that I do have some really fun memories of, ones that make us smile, and laugh till we have tears, and well, there is a reason we are still known as Crash in the small town we were living in, but I won’t go into that here LOL.

What I will go into is this super cute pose and prop from Something New that they have released for the Spoonful Of Sugar event that is running from September 3rd – 18th. The lifeguard chair comes with 3 poses, lifeguard board and binoculars.

Also, I am going to mention that our dear Abbey is the owner of Abbs-olute Brat and LEVEL UP. You can find her items on marketplace and in your Zooby Animesh Texture HUD. And if you are so interested, she will also pose for taco’s, just check her Flickr, just take note of my ** ADULT CONTENT WARNING **


Something New – Babe Watched @ Spoonful Of Sugar


MOoH – Hannah Bikini
FAGA – Evelyn Hairstyle
KC Couture – Dexi Eyewear


KAZZA – Beach Pack
Fundati – Beach Dunes

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