What’s Your Favorite Color?

What’s your favorite color?

This should be a fairly simple question to answer, but it is anything but. Any question that starts with ‘What’s your favorite …” is never an easy answer, especially for a DiD system. Just like asking any group of multiple individuals, you are going to get multiple answers. That is even without taking into account that most people have multiple favorite colors. One for clothing, one for decor, one for accents. So many choices, how are we supposed to choose one ?

Within our system, for many years colors played a significant role in our identities. It was our own personal way of identifying who was driving the bus, even if no one else was aware of the color code. It was also generally a good clue of determining who bought the new clothes in the closet. Purple or black was almost always Prin, if it was pink, it was Kait or Bekka, Beth leaned red or blue depending on shade and purpose. For many years, Oree loved orange but banished anything green, till Sam and Angie made green acceptable again.

Why Not ? has made this absolutely gorgeous Polanach Sofa Set that comes in the most stunning shade of teal. The set comes with Bento single,couple and friends animations as well as rezzable props and a LI of 46 for the entire set.


Why Not – Polanach Sofa Set


Why Not – Achnacraig Wall Planters
Why Not – Arran Dining Wall Art


Creme Brulee – Dozy Loft – Skybox
Loft&Aria – Savannah Roman Blinds

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