Hell Hath No Fury

If your path demands you walk through hell, walk as if you own the place – Unknown

Survivors of childhood trauma walk through a lot of hell, and by learning to own the place, is how we survive it. Walking that fine line between owning it, and becoming it, is a very thin one. You have to learn to be the devil, without becoming a demon yourself. You learn to leash your demons like hell hounds, but even the best trainers drop a leash from time to time, and those demons come back to taunt you even years later. Picking the leash back up is not always easy, but you just keep reminding yourself that you did it once, you can do it again.

The Sexy Demon Hanna outfit from LsR is available now at Salem Event, and as you can see it is hotter than hell itself ! This Devilish pose set from LUSH comes with its own trident, but works perfectly with the Hanna spear as well !


LsR – Sexy Demon Hanna @ Salem Event
LUSH – Devilish @ Lush Marketplace


DOUX – Greta Hairstyle
Synnergy – Dark Fire Wings
WarPaint – Sienna Lipgloss
This Is Wrong – Vecna Shine + Tattoo
This Is Wrong – Jungle Makeup
Supernatural – Kedima Necklace


Synnergy – Gates of Hell Backdrop


LUSH – Devilish @ Lush Marketplace

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