So much is written about the power of 4 letter words. Love, being the biggest of them, but I am sure you can think of a few others yourself. Today I am talking about the simple word ‘Mine’.

So much power comes from this word. No matter if you are the one saying it, or the one hearing it, there is a flood of emotion that comes with it. Just like any other powerful thing, its power can be used for good or evil, depending on the one wielding it. When used for evil intents, it can damage beyond measure, but when used for good, with love powering it, nothing else can compare.

When that power is balanced in both directions, “You are Mine, as I am Yours”, the results are something more spectacular than any fireworks show.

This lovely Bella Wedding Set from Second Nature Jewellery, is perfect for sealing the deal, while the Mine pose from HexPosed, shows it off. Pose was slightly edited to adjust left hand position.


Second Nature Jewellery – Jan Necklace & Earrings Set
Second Nature Jewellery – Bella Wedding Set
HexPosed – Mine*


DOUX – Miyeon Hair
Blueberry – Cece Tops


Tiller – Yogi Sweater


Spruce – AI Art – Autumn Cats
Your Dreams – Autumn Cottage
Your Dreams – Farm Living Room


HexPosed – Mine*

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