Falling For Boobs

Oh I’m falling for boobs, yes, I’m falling for boobs. Wait, wrong lyrics, and yet still appropriate for this post! As we have mentioned before, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we are involved in two outstanding fund raising causes participating in Strides Against Breast Cancer. This lovely fall garden scene will have you falling for boobs as well, because the featured items are available at the Out Shop Cancer event which runs until October 31st.

And if you want to get the tune for Falling For Boobs in your head as well, I suggest the amazing Chester See.


All Out Shop Cancer exclusive items are available at the participating Mainstores.

Dench Designs – Autumn Pond @ Out Shop Cancer
Artisan Antiques – Garden Table @ Out Shop Cancer
Artisan Antiques – Garden Chair @ Out Shop Cancer
Chris Garden Store – Iridescent Pumpkins Set @ Out Shop Cancer


Fundati – Ruinas w/Ivy
DDD – Twinkling Ivy
Art Studio – Stone Tiles

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