Falling Back

Once again, we have reached the end of Daylight Savings Time in the Northern Hemisphere, and the start of it in the Southern. The timing of these days varies, and so where international schedules are involved, like those of the residents of Second Life, who span the globe, a bit hectic at best. For some of us involved in personal relationships, we base our standard time zone as SLT. In Game time, becomes the standard of what time we think about things, as the common denominator. For others, they find what works for them.

For us, with Troy being in the UK, and we are Eastern time in the US, so for 1 week, we will be 4 hours apart instead of 5, and in the spring, we will be 6 hours. It is just another wrinkle in long distance relationships that over the past nearly 5 years, we have learned to iron out.

What doesn’t need ironed is this gorgeous SPUN sweater dress from Lilleth Mills, available at the mainstore. Lilleth Mills now sells their new releases by body, and SPUN is available in 3 color packs. Basics, Colors and Vibrant. Each pack comes with 10 colors and a special effects HUD which allows you to adjust the reflection color, shine and glow settings to your personal preferences.

The Pearl Stockings from LooKatMe also come with a HUD allowing for solid and or fishnet options.

Hexposed has this gorgeous wedding portrait pose at the mainstore, and allows you to pose with your own flowers at your hip, or no flowers at all if you prefer.

Why Not ? has made the Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set picture perfect for any season, except maybe winter, depending on your climate !


Lilleth Mills – SPUN
LooKatMe – Pearl Stockings
HexPosed – SF 1 Wedding
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set


MAZE mods – Soft Thighs
Truth Hair – Twisted
Deep Static – Anneka Glasses
Swallow – E05 Earrings
MevaDahlia Necklace
MevaDahlia Earrings
Ysoral – Jessy Rings Set
Ariskea – Ophelia Canola Flower Basket



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All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.

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