Waiting On The Dead

There is nothing worse than having to stand around in the graveyard waiting for your summoned zombie to rise from the grave. They can be worse than waiting on a woman to get dressed.

It is a good thing I had something fabulous to wear while waiting. ViO has made this adorable Witches Outfit for I Pink I Can and it comes with the dress, boots, hat and a broom !

Also from I Pink I Can is this Scary Tombstone from SE7EN. There are spooky spiders running around and the Skelly fades in and out. There is optional spooky sounds as well.

HexPosed provided that perfect waiting pose for todays adventure. The SF Set 2 can be found at the mainstore or on marketplace.


ViO – Witchy Outfit @ I Pink I Can
SE7EN – Scary Tombstone @ I Pink I Can
HexPosed – SF Set 2


Sintiklia – Xia Hair – Group GIFT
Deep Static – Francesca Fall Shades
Hive – Romantic Roses – Gothic
La Maldita Bruja – Ekaitza Fishnet Stockings


SYNNERGY TAVIS – The Graveyard
Monarchs – Angel Statue V3 – Group Gift
Monarchs – Tall Grass – Group Gift
Fundati – Dead Tree IX
BROKEN ARROWS – Death Roses – Red
Hive – Romantic Roses – Gothic
FINCA – Curved small hedge – lighted


HexPosed – SF Set 2

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All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.

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