Nothin But Treats

Happy Halloween ! I have a special treat for you today from Lilleth Mills, the SHARP outfit includes top and skirt. Outfits are purchasable by body and are available at the main store in either a 10 options solids or plaids pack. Both packs include special effects HUD to adjust glow,shine and environment.


Lilleth Mills – Sharp


DOUX – Fatima
Maxi Gossamer – Gypsy Flower Amulet
Tetra – Off-Shoulder Cardigan
Deep Static – Iona Glasses
Ryvolter – Chantel Phone Case
WarPaint – Romancer Eyeshadow
WarPaint – Primrose Lips


SYNNERGY TAVIS – Magical Ally Backdrop


PiXit – Finesse*

Worn item credits are not included for non fashion featured posts.
For questions about what we may be wearing, please ask or see the body basics page.
Items or Poses marked with an * have been modified for the photo.
All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted.

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