A Hard Frost

Welcome to November, season of snuggles, cocoa and warm fires. It is also the month of Thanksgiving for those of us in the states, so we thought we would attempt to do our days of Thanksgiving from the 1st to the 24th.

Days of Thanksgiving #1

You might think that we would pick Troy to be the first thing we are thankful for this season, but we are saving him for further down the list. Instead, we have decided to be thankful for fur babies. Sadly we lost one of our fur babies this past spring, and Nosey’s loss is still felt. We give extra love to the cats Klepto & Artie, puppers Doris, Arthur, Shawna, Reuben, Shelby & Mopsy, ferrets Nipsy & Zora and Brucilla the Spanish Ribbed Newt !

This wonderfully cozy Chilly Nights Living Room from LouChara is available at MIIX Event till Nov 20th. Complete with arm chair, fireplace with decor and pillow basket, this set is perfect for you and your fur babies to cuddle up and stay warm this hard frost season !


LouChara – Chilly Nights Living Room @ MIIX Event


What Next – Chelsea Curtains
Chez Moi – Firewood Holder
Why Not ? – Glenearn Cat Nap Decor
JIAN – Pets Corgi / Sable Sleeper – GIFT

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