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Days of Thanksgiving #8

Today we are thankful for sexual freedom. There are still a great many things that need to change, and there are miles of improvements that need to be made to what we have already, but it is better than it used to be. There are always going to be ignorant people in the world, and unfortunately more than a handful of them are going to make it to places of power where they have some sway or influence. We just keep on keeping on, and fighting to move 2 steps forward for each one we step back from.

Living in this era now, means that in the hopefully not so distant future, we can get married to Troy, as we have planned, in our pajama pants with no one there but an officiant and a couple witnesses. Then we can go have a perfectly enjoyable honeymoon and rest of our lives having multiple flavors of kinky sex, some of which may still be illegal in several states and or countries, will have to check on that later !

Today, you can do the same with this wonderful Robert Bedroom set from InkMe, available at the mainstore. The set includes not just the bed, side tables and wall art, but also the cross, cage and pillory !

Short Leash should always be at the top of your shopping list for all things kinky and fun, so be sure and pick up the Love Hurts Toy Rack for your playroom as well, and Lilith’s Tapestry and the Playtime Area Rug are also divine additions.

To give a little spark to your walls and not just your sexlife, SQUARE is just a hop skip and jump to pick up the Ekby and OPULANCE Canvas Art !


InkMe – Robert Bedroom
SQUARE – Ekby Canvas Art 1
SQUARE – OPULANCE 3d canvas Art 1
SQUARE – Velvet Curtains – Brights
Short Leash – Playtime Area Rug
Short Leash – Lilith’s Tapestry
Short Leash – Love Hurts Toy Rack


The Domineaux Effect – Low Impact Skybox
DICTATORSHOP – Chesterfield M/f Bondage Bench
KraftWork – Runner Rugs – Stripes Black
Why Not ? – Kilrenny Tall Plant

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