Sittin Pretty

Days of Thanksgiving #20.

Today we are thankful for being Anatine’s ! In 2019 Kait became Jenny’s Wifey Dos in a beautifully public wed-o-matic ceremony in the middle of a fundraiser, and we all became married by proxy. We are all so very grateful for this crazy family we found ourselves married into, and would not have it any other way.

This wonderfully pink Peninver Floating Wall Closet Set from Why Not ? may be slightly high in LI, but that is because it is stocked right full with decor and detail. The floating closet also comes empty, which significantly lowers the land impact, and allows you to use your own items to stock it.


Why Not ? – Peninver Floating Wall Closet Set


SQUARE – Velvet curtains L Pastels
What Next – White Blind
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames
Moss&Mink – Plant – Hostas

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