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This trio of tiny terrors are all the proof anyone needs that size does not matter when it comes to how vicious you are. While a deep throated growl and woof from a large breed may make you pause in your tracks, the high pitched yapping of a pack of little dogs makes me think of a loud school of piranha. Death from the ankles down !

While I know some of you are very anti pets on beds, these Classic Chihuahuas and their pearl collar and blanket accessories from JIAN clearly think this entire Thathorn Bedroom set from InkMe at MANCAVE is for them.


InkMe – Thathorn BedRoom @ MANCAVE
JIAN – Classic Chihuahuas Unpacker HUD
JIAN – Classic Accessory Chihuahuas


The Green Door – Kendall Skybox
FARMHOUSE – Valance Velvet – Lights
What Next – Maison Table Lamp
What Next – Fiddle Leaf Plant
Merak – Canvas Sneakers Decor

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