Work It Off

Holiday weight gain season is upon us, and while most of us do joke about all those extra pounds we expect to gain over the season, the good news is that on average, most people only gain 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Years. The trick it seems, is to drop that one pound before it turns into more in the colder months still to come.

Since it is far easier to jump on some exercise equipment in SL and jog till the cows come home, Lagom has made it not just fun but stylish to do in your SL home as well ! You can pick up the At Home Gym at The Fifty. If you should happen to be on the lookout for a new home for that gym as well, the Minna Apartment, also from Lagom, is available at the mainstore or on marketplace.


Lagom – At Home Gym @ The Fifty
Lagom – Minna Apartment


Decor In House – Bathroom Towel Mesh

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