Keep Them Warm

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, things are getting colder, so it is a good time to remember that if you are cold, your animals are cold too. We are quite aware that not all animals are indoor pets, but that does not mean they should be left to fend for themselves without adequate shelter.

These Cocker Spaniels ( the sleepers ) and King Charles Spaniels ( the playful ones ) from Jian are absolutely thrilled to be inside the Hoffman Cottage from The Green Door.

Chez Moi has released the warm and cozy Belem Xmas Set for Cosmopolitan till December 10th. The ZAKER – Ginette Set is a Mainstore release for FARMERS MARKET.


CHEZ MOI – Belem Xmas Set @ Cosmopolitan
ZAKER – Ginette Set @ Farmers Market Mainstore Event
JIAN – King Charles Spaniel – Floor Snoozer
JIAN – King Charles Spaniel – Upside Down Sleeper
JIAN – Cocker Spaniel Collection – Wanderer


The Green Door – Hoffman Cottage
Elm – Laurel’s Kitchen Kettle White
Dreamland Designs – Eve Christmas Wreath
What Next – Maison Drapes
Nutmeg – Neat Wall Frames
FINCA – Small Log Wall
FINCA – Stove Tools Set
Muniick – Lorraine Vintage Braided Rug

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