Cottage Christmas

Christmas comes in all colors, and for some that even includes pink. When we were growing up, our grandmother used to change the theme of her Christmas Tree each year. We can remember Blue and Silver, Red and Gold, Bird and Pine Cones, Ribbons and Lace, White and Crystal, just to name a few. Then there were the years that she mixed and matched among all of the previous themes, which were all packed away and labeled according to color / theme so they were easy to find in future years.

As our Grandmother has gotten older, and all of us grandchildren have too, the scale of her decorating has gradually become smaller. She has passed down many of the ornaments to children and grandchildren, who now hang those on their own trees. This year, we will help her decorate the small tree in the dining room with the small collection of ornaments she chose to keep, and hang the wreathes on the windows and doors. The traditions have been weeded down to just those few that she can manage and has the energy for, but those few are still holding strong.


Bee Designs – Winter Dreams Christmas Tree @ Christmas Lane
Bloom – Ingrid Book Corner
Bloom – Leslie Sofa
Noveny – Christmas Lantern
Noveny – Mini Xmas Village


The Green Door – Hoffman Cottage
LouChara – Chilly Nights Rug
Dreamland Designs – Cary Desk Set
What Next – Amelie Coffee Table
What Next – Maison Drapes

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