Be Merry Y’all

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”

– George Bernard Shaw

Nothing in our life proves this quote more true than our Mother ! Our mother is 64 years old, and more often than not, we are constantly asked if we are sisters and not mother and daughter. Blessing and a curse, because it means she looks younger than she is or we look older, not sure which is worse !

Playhouse Furniture Included in pack or available separately

In the past 4 years, our mother has broken into her best friends barn, and decorated her cows in santa hats, reindeer antlers and LED Christmas lights. She committed that act of breaking and decorating while on her way to the mall, where she was dressed in a full Grinch costume, and went to stand in line to sit on Santa’s lap and ask him what the deal was with all this good cheer. Much to the delight of all the children, and parents, present. That, is our mum. I hope we inherited her never ending child spirit along with the love for adult humor and snarky comments.


CHEZ MOI – Inflatable Christmas Castle @ Santa Inc
InkMe – A Holly Jolly Christmas @ Christmas Lane
Simply Shelby – Giant Christmas Candy Set
Why Not ? – Mireland Kids Winter Playhouse
Why Not ? – Mireland Playhouse Furniture Pack


Synnergy – Winter Wonderland Backdrop
Dreamland Designs – Vintage Yellow Round Rug

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