Loft Living

As much as we love county farmhouse decor, we can not resist a fantastic modern loft space either. The openness of the Noveny – Industrial Skybox has been such a wonderful canvas to work with these past few days. We will be showing you several views of the skybox over the next couple days, so be sure and check back for another view !

Today we bring you the upstairs bedroom loft area, which showcases the GOOSE – Hora Bedroom Set to perfection.


Noveny – Industrial Skybox
GOOSE – Hora Bedroom Set


Apple Fall Designer Mannequin – Black
SQUARE – Ekby Canvas Art
SQUARE – OPULANCE 3d canvas Art
SQUARE – Velvet Curtains
Tartessos Arts – Boho Wall Clock
Tartessos Arts – Studio Turntable Cabinet

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