An Ending and a Beginning

As the New Year is upon us, that means it is also my (Prin) Birthday days ! Behold for I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end ! Just kidding, I really do not have the God complex that makes it sound like, but I do consider my birthday to be New Years, and includes both December 31st and January 1st. Tis one of the perks of having our particular super power.

It is not uncommon for alters to not know the exact date of their creation, and in our system only Emme and Kait know their true accurate dates of birth/creation. Emme, because she was our original and the one born with the body. We know Kaits’ because she arrived the same day as the death of a loved one. None of us ever celebrated birthdays other than the bodies until we came out of the closet in 2018, when we decided to focus on celebrating November 21st as Kait’s Birthday instead of the anniversary of the death.

Getting to choose our own birthdays was kind of an interesting ordeal. Some had specific reasons for choosing the dates that they did, I chose mine to be a cheeky bish, which is certainly fitting all on its own isn’t it ?

So in anticipation of a New Year, I bring you goodies from a new sponsor !


Bricolage – Calliope Floor Pillows PG
Bricolage – Christmas Peppermint Cocoa
Bricolage – Doggy Bookends v1
Bricolage – Jolly Molly
Bricolage – Lucia Blanket Cabinet
Bricolage – Merry Candlestick
Bricolage – Merry Daybed_PG
Bricolage – Merry Log Basket
Bricolage – Merry Side Table
Bricolage – Red & Blue Indian Agra Carpet
Bricolage – St John’s Wort Wreath


Apple Fall – Shoeboxes
Nutmeg – Ceramic Bells
Nutmeg – Neat Wall Frames
Pitaya – Vintage baskets 03
Zerkalo – Verden Gacha – Boxes

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