Please accept our apologies for being short on words with our posts lately, we are working out a painful frozen shoulder of late. With any luck, the physical therapy exercises will have us feeling back to our normal selves soon and bring our babbling fingers back with them ! For now, you can still enjoy the visuals !


NATURI – Rivera Living Room Set @ Astral Dreams Event

NATURI – Leopard Print Rug
NATURI – Deco Magazine
NATURI – Decorative Log with flames
NATURI – Fireplace Panel Left
NATURI – Fireplace Panel Right
NATURI – Marble Fireplace
NATURI – Rivera Armchair
NATURI – Rivera Living Room Floor lamp
NATURI – Rivera Ottoman
NATURI – Round Art Frame 1
NATURI – Round Art Frame 2
NATURI – Side Table
NATURI – Side table Books


Apple Fall – Decorative Artichokes
Apple Fall – Enamel Teapot – White
Apple Fall – Jar Candle – Olive & Sage, Closed
Apple Fall – Shoeboxes
Apple Fall – Stacked Magazines
Ariskea – Group gift Terrarium
Ariskea – [SilentNight] Snow Globe & Music
KraftWork + Pitaya – Reading Nook. Books
KraftWork – Madrid Collection – Bookshelf
Mithral – Ficus Elastica Tineke (Pack A)
Mithral – Pyramid Plant Shelves (Gold)
Mithral – Small Burgundy Ficus Elastica (Pack A)
Tartessos Arts – Boho Wall Clock
Zerkalo – Bunker Bar Gacha – Fire-hose

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