Unexpected Dragonlings

Dragonlings are such an integral part of Kait & Troy’s relationship, we could not pass up the chance to showcase them. We do adore our fantasy scenes as much as our modern decor ones, and this was no exception.

While getting this scene together we realized that we had totally derped and forgotten to blog 2 holiday items from Bloom last month, and wondered how we could incorporate them into a non holiday post, and this was it ! The glowing orbs in the sky and on the floor are actually Christmas decorations that we have slightly modified from their original state to give the fantasy glowy effect that we loved.

For the Bloom – Suspended Bauble Tree we used Edit Face and turned the hanging strings invisible, then turned down the opacity of the baubles themselves and added a slight glow effect to achieve the floating orb look.

Similarly, for the Bloom Originals – Wall Tree we turned the outside metal tree faces invisible and added a glow and lower opacity for the baubles to add some glowy orbs to the floor.

Remember, that many modifiable items can be utilized in ways other than their originally intended form to achieve a totally new look. If you want to add a little sparkle to your scenes, check in your holiday folders and see what you could be using year round instead !


Bloom – Suspended Bauble Tree *modified, see notes above
Bloom – Triple Wall Fountains
Bloom Originals – Wall Tree *modified, see notes above
HEXtraordinary – Sparkling Winter Fountain
HEXtraordinary – Fae Drake


Cheeky Pea – Beinn Artair Ruins

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