Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap

What toddler would not absolutely want to live in this bedroom forever and ever? As a fully grown adult, I want to live in this bedroom, tho I think I would need a slightly larger bed !

The Bricolage – Alexa Toddler Zooby Bed comes scripted for Zooby Animesh babies and not avatar children. Since the bed is modifiable, if you are handy enough with the edit box, you could easily put your favorite child avatar bed scripts inside and still have a super cute giraffe bed !


Bricolage – Alexa Cabine
Bricolage – Alexa Olive Tree
Bricolage – Alexa Overstuffed Chair
Bricolage – Alexa Toddler Zooby Bed
Bricolage – Alexa Zooby Crib Mat Rug
Bricolage – Blue Giraffe Toy
Bricolage – Giraffe Baby
Bricolage – Giraffe Twin Babies
Bricolage – Pink Giraffe Toy
Bricolage – Yellow Giraffe Toy
Why Not ? – Kids Toy Box Shelves-Resizable
Why Not ? – Mireland Animal Wall Decor-Resizable
Why Not ? – Mireland Kids Moon & Star Wall Light
Why Not ? – Mireland Toy Trunk


Atelier Burgundy – Little Artist Mini Easel
Atelier Burgundy – Little Artist Papers
Atelier Burgundy – Little Artist Wall Panel
BIJOU – Tallie Basket & Plushies
BIJOU – Tallie Giraffe
Lagom – Diana Curtains

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