Since the Covid lockdowns, working from home has become far more common than ever before. We are extremely blessed that Troy working from home means that we are still able to enjoy the comfort of staying in contact throughout the day. It is important when working from home that you have a dedicated space, and the Love-Tech set from Lagom and Chroma Plants by ZAKER make having that space not only functional but fun!


Lagom – At home Gym – Gym Rug
Lagom – Built-In Bookcase
Lagom – Diana Curtains
Lagom – Love-Tech – Computer
Lagom – Love-Tech – Chair
Lagom – Love-Tech – Desk
Lagom – Love-Tech – Globe
Lagom – Wall calendar
ZAKER – Chroma Plante PINK @ LEVEL ( till Jan 24th )
ZAKER – Chroma Plante SILVER @ LEVEL ( till Jan 24th )


Avani – Qinghua Bud Vase
Dahlia – Surrey – Lavender arrangment with rings
Dust Bunny – arctic animal planters . penguin . white
Dust Bunny – quirky planters 2 . lady vase
Dust Bunny – quirky planters . hedgehog
Dust Bunny – storybook living . fresh bouquet
Fetch – Florence Bud Vase
FINCA – pile of books – group gift
KraftWork + Pitaya – Reading Nook – Books
KraftWork – Serene Collection – Books and Glasses
PeachesSkye’s Travel Clutter
Pitaya – Modular Shelf – vase with anthurium
Second Spaces – messy bookshelf – beige fileboxes
Vespertine – books of herbs – set 2 / color
Your Dreams – Mclane kitchen – Jug of succulents and lavender

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