Valentines in Florence

Happy February 1st ! I would say that it meant Valentines Day was nearly upon us, but let’s be honest, we have all been looking at Valentines decor and candy in the stores since well before Christmas. Sadly, this is a phenomenon we commented on before Christmas as well. All this ‘ lead up ‘ to holidays feels like it is taking more and more away from the holiday itself. By the time the actual holiday rolls around, we are sick of looking at its paraphernalia.

The above is why we chose to accentuate the NATURI – Florence Bedroom Set with the Valentines spirit, instead of overloading you with the red and pink smushiness. Fear not tho if your desire is to set a romantic scene full of Valentines Day spirit, the set includes texture change HUD allowing you over 100 possible texture combinations to suit!


NATURI – Florence – Bed End Bench
NATURI – Florence – Dry Plant Arrangement (3)
NATURI – Florence – Bed Side Lamp
NATURI – Florence – Bed
NATURI – Florence – Marble Table (3)
NATURI – Florence – Wall Art
NATURI – Valentines Balloon (3)
The Green Door – Kendall Skybox
What Next – Maison Drapes
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames (Classic)
What Next – Safi Rug (natural)


Fantasy Illumination – Curly Roses Petals Light
Your Dreams – Rustic Industrial Bedroom – Dresser

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