My Cozy Place

While setting this scene up, we could not resist the desire to be able to climb in and curl up in the cozy quilt with one of a million books and never get up ! It was just so inviting, we longed to have a spot like this in RL. Oh to live that dream !


Bloom – Syla Lounge
Noveny – Valentines Hanging Frames @ Valentine’s Shop & Hop Gift


Apple Fall – Books & Map
Apple Fall – Books w/ Camera
BIJOU – My Sunshine – Basket of Cushions Pastel
David Heather – Duffle Pile
FINCA – Photo Frames – Group Gift
Muniick – Circular Jute Border Rug v2
Muniick – French Revival Sketch A in Rue Chabot Frame
Muniick – French Revival Sketch B in Rue Chabot Frame
Nutmeg – Piled-up Rugs
Nutmeg – Potted Flower Gift
Pitaya – Love letters – Pile of Letters
Pitaya – Modular Shelf – Books with Adornment 02
ReKa – Angels In Love – Group Gift
ReKa – Rustic Valentine Box – Group Gift
Scafall – Teddy @ Valentine’s Shop & Hop Gift
Second SpacesMessy Bookshelf – Beige Fileboxes
Zerkalo – Budapest Huge Pile of Books

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