Heart Seeds

We all use the phrase ‘the heart wants what it wants’ when talking about someone being in love with someone we feel it shouldn’t , but we never say ‘the liver wants what it wants’ when talking about alcoholism and cirrhosis.

As early as the 7th century BC, there was poetry that linked the heart with love. One of the earliest examples is “Love shook my heart, Like the wind on the mountain Troubling the oak-trees.” which was written by Greek poet Sappho, who lived on the island of Lesbos surrounded by female disciples whom she wrote passionate love poems to, tho only fragments of them still remain known.

Later Plato and Aristotle expanded on the dominant role of the chest in love, and granting the heart in supremacy in everything in the human body and psyche.

Dating back to 510-490 BC, the oldest-known image of what we now refer to as a heart shape was found on this coin, which was found in the ancient Roman city of Cyrene — near what is now Shahhat, Libya. The shape that we now call a heart, started out as the shape of a silphium seed.The plant is now extinct, but in its day the ancient Libyans became rich by exporting it for its contraceptive properties. Since it was such a major part of their economy, it makes sense they would stamp their coins with its imagery.

Dictatorshop is giving away it’s own form of love in the way of L$1000 credit for the price of L$1 to group members through Valentines Day. While your credit is good for any items in the store, there are several new Valentines themed pieces you may wish to add to your collection. The Vanity, Discipline Chair, Dresser, Large Shelf Unit, and Heel Throne all make their debut this season, to join several older pieces in the same theme.


Dictatorshop – Louis – Bench
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Canopy Heart Bed
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Dance Pole Trio
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Heel Throne Femdom
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Nightstand
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Vanity Femdom
ZAKER : Heart Cakepops Dispenser
ZAKER : Rose Vase Dispenser


Fancy Decor + KraftWork – Fete d’hiver Persian Rug
Onsu – Midnight Skybox

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