To Catch A Cutie

To catch the right girl, you need to use the right bait, and every girl’s bait is different. This does also apply to girls looking to catch a guy. There are so many people that we hear talking about ” oh woman/men are all the same, bunch of bitches /bastards ” When their relationships fail, again and again, for nearly the same reasons. Reality check time, if you keep attracting the same type of people, it is likely because you are using the same kind of bait expecting something different will take it. Little hint, if you always bait with bullshit, you are always going to catch flies 🙂


Short Leash – Cupcake’s Cage
Short Leash – Cupcake’s Sub Cushion
Short Leash – Kinky Cappuccino
Short Leash – Kinky Clutter – Dirty Talk Candy @ Cupids Fault til Feb 20th.
Short Leash – Kinky Wars Cocksaber
Short Leash – Love Hurts Toy Rack
Short Leash – Playtime Area Rug
Short Leash – Rubber Bunny
Lagom – Diana Curtains


Creme Brulee – Mapple Skybox
Peaches – Menno’s Self Love Valentine – Cookies
Peaches – Phallic Wonderland – Bag O’ Dicks
Peaches – Phallic Wonderland – Peni Pops – Flavors
Peaches – Singles Awareness Clutter – Magazines
Peaches – Singles Awareness Clutter – Vibe
Fapple – BDSM Tool Box – Group Gift
Fapple – Miauw Party Ballons – Group Gift
Fapple – Teddy Valentine – Group Gift
Fapple – The time is always right – Kinky Clock – Group Gift
Zerkalo – Vintage Tea Party – Grand Plate wCupcakes Colorful

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