The Lake House

There is something about putting together a full landscape scene, that brings such a level of excitement and joy when we can step back and look at it like this, and just be in awe of the beauty. Then there comes the bittersweet feeling that comes from knowing we have to tear it all down for the next one.

There is something about this particular scene, that makes us long to live in this exact place in RL. Alas, that is not to be either !


The Green Door – Emerson Cabin
GOOSE – Hunters modular pier pack @ Cosmopolitan till Feb 18


Fundati – Beach Cliffs
Fundati – Beach Dunes
Fundati – Ligustrum Bonsai Tree Set
KAZZA – Beach Pack
Monarchs – Dypsis Palm
Monarchs – Palm Trees Trio
Tm Creation – Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement
Trompe Loeil – Oria Rowboat

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