The 4 S’s

Today we present you with the 4 S’s of tropical poshness.

Soak – in the lush CHEZ MOI – Prima Soaking Tub that you can find at Cosmoplitan till Feb 18

Steam – in the CHEZ MOI – Cedar Sauna

Shower – with the GOOSE – Outdoor Shower wall

Snack – grab some smores and cook em over the SQUARE – ETHER Firepit

Day complete !


CHEZ MOI – Cedar Sauna
CHEZ MOI – Prima Soaking Tub @ Cosmoplitan till Feb 18
CHEZ MOI – Prima Towel Rack @ Cosmoplitan till Feb 18
GOOSE – Outdoor Shower wall


Fundati – Giant Ligustrum Bonsai Tree
Fundati – Posh Fence
Fancy Decor + KraftWork – Voda Palm Vase
Fancy Decor + KraftWork – Voda Pool Clutter
Fapple- Beach Bag Open
KraftWork – Gipsy Decor
LISP – Bergamot Square Decking – Smooth Pine
Merak – Floral Orange Rug
Monarchs – Palm Tree
Tm Creation – Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement
Trompe Loeil – Triton Lounger + Pillows

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