Yemon Lellow

When we were about 12 or so, and our younger cousin about 3-ish, she used to pronounce Yellow as Lellow. We spent an entire weekend laser focused on teaching her how to pronounce it correctly, and it worked! We were so pleased with ourselves that we were able to teach her something, and could not wait to show off her new correct pronunciations to her mother when she picked her up. Our Aunt was utterly annoyed, because of course she thought Lellow was cute, and let’s face it, it really is !


Bloom – Meinou Plant
Bloom – Meinou Rug
Bloom – Meinou Sofa
Bloom – Meinou Table
Bloom – Meinou Wreath


Half-Deer – English Ivy
Fancy Decor + KraftWork – Voda Water Dispenser
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Cart (wood)
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Dishcloth
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Fruit bowl
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Juice Bottle (lemon)
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Juice cooler (lemon)
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Juice jar (lemon)
ZAKER – Chiara Lemon Bowl
Your Dreams – Lattissima Coffee Bar – Old lemon frame

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