Have A Seat

In our RL, our home is pretty sparse when it comes to furniture to sit on. We find it does help keep visitors away since everyone knows we do not want them to visit anyway, but not having anyplace for them to sit is also an added incentive. In SL, we can whip out a wide assortment of seating options for damn near any occasion from our inventory if needed, tho we generally do not have guests there either, and the restricted access deters those that might attempt it. We need ban lines in RL !


Bricolage – Vintage Bessarabian Botanical Rug
CHEZ MOI – Romano – Armchair
CHEZ MOI – Romano – Tree Vase
InsurreKtion – Wabi-Sabi Corner – Bench
InsurreKtion – Wabi-Sabi Corner – Oar
InsurreKtion – Wabi-Sabi Corner – Piece of Bark
InsurreKtion – Wabi-Sabi Corner – Vase with Branches
InsurreKtion – Wabi-Sabi Corner – Wicker Plates
SQUARE – OTTO Fireplace Brown Marble


Apple Fall – Leather Moccasins
Apple Fall – Stacked Magazines
Apple Fall – Shoeboxes
Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork + Pitaya – Nordic Cottage – Basket with Flowers
Mithral – Abstract Deer Head Planter

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