Classic Romance

We have been binging Bridgerton of late and so we have been inundated with the theme of classic romance and frufru things, as well as some pretty hot sex, at least in season one. Season 2 has been lacking in the sex but the sexual tension is there in overdrive, and lets face it, that tension can at times be even better than the actual sex. Fans ourselves !

Today we bring you some more bits from the Dictatorshop Valentine collection. Valentine’s can last all year round if you change the textures accordingly, and white with lace just oozes it !


Dictatorshop – Valentine – Bathtub
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Discipline Chair
Dictatorshop – Valentine – Stool


ANC – bubble
ANC – crystal cluster
ANC – Garden – spray – wild flower
ANC – Garden – wild garden – lawn
ANC – leaping sparks
ANC – ripple – soybean oil
Dust Bunny – storybook living – fresh bouquet
Enaitch – Flying Curtains – White Lace
Floorplan – Emmie Candelabra
Scarlet Creative – Juliette Orangery
Trompe Loeil – Mischa Candles & Flowers

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