Last night we finished the last episode of season 2 Gentleman Jack. Sadly it had not been picked up for the 3rd and final season, but the 2 seasons that were made were fantastic. I just had to use a scene from the show on the television, since that is what we have been binging for the last week or so.

If you are not familiar with the show, it is a historical docu-drama about the relationship between Anne Lister and Ann Walker. The two were married in Britain’s first known lesbian wedding At the time in 1834 it was neither legal nor recognized by the Holy Trinity Church in York where the two took the sacrament together on a fine Easter Sunday morning, and considered the act their own version of taking vows to each other, entering into a marriage unto themselves.

The story of their relationship is one that was written by Anne Lister herself, as she was a prolific diarist, and her personal diaries total 26 volumes written between 1806 – 1840, and included over 5 million words, 1/6th of which were written in her own cypher code. The code was needed to disguise the quite graphically detailed tellings of her sexual encounters and love affairs with those of the fairer sex.

If you are interested in learning more about her diaries you can find out all you would love to know by visiting the West Yorkshire Archive Service Blog.


CHEZ MOI – Prima Towel Rack
HISA – Kahakai
Simply Shelby – Modern Fountain
What Next – Kentia Palm Plant (rattan)
What Next – Vida Champagne Glasses
ZAKER – Tropez Juice Tray @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Lantern @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Mini Fridge @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Orange Tray @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Pendant Lamp 01 @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Plant @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Television @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Wicker Chair 01 @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Wicker Chair 02 @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez Wicker Chair 03 @ Arcade
ZAKER – Tropez outdoor Bar @ Arcade


Apple Fall – Lush Palm Arrangement
Ariskea – [Daisy] Bamboo Chimes
Fapple- Beach Bag Open DECO
KraftWork – Runner Rugs . Stripes Mix 4
KraftWork – Steel Pedal Kitchen Trash Can
Muniick- Coraline Cups
Pitaya – Lemonade Stand – Liquor bottles
Zerkalo – Bunker Bar Gacha – Shelf w/Bottles
Merak – Espresso Cups White
Merak – Floral Orange Rug
Your Dreams – Mclane kitchen – Tray with lemon Juicer

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