We manage to say it for every scene we do ” This is deffy one of our faves “, and it is true. We would be hard pressed to pick an actual favorite scene we have done because they are all our faves in one way or another. Every scene seems to hit on something different, and make us happy for different reasons. This one just makes us feel happy and contented. No reason why specifically, it just does. Perhaps it is because it includes the Narra set from Scafall which is available at the SL Living Expo till March 12, with all proceeds going to support RFL and kicking cancers ass !


InsurreKtion – Spring Patio Set – Bamboo Planter @ Arcade
Scafall – Narra / Candle Holder @ SL Living Expo (til March 12)
Scafall – Narra / Chair @ SL Living Expo (til March 12)
Scafall – Narra / Low Table @ SL Living Expo (til March 12)
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames (Contemporary)
What Next – Fiddle Leaf Plant
What Next – Kentia Palm Plant


Atelier Burgundy + Kraftwork + Pitaya – Nordic Cottage Rug
Apple Fall – Begonia Maculata
Apple Fall – Tribal Print I
Apple Fall – Tribal Print II
Ariskea – [Elsie] Boho Wood Macrame[2]
Fapple – Alexander Glass Coffee Table
Nutmeg – Arranged Frames
Nutmeg – Canvas Set
Pitaya – Clay Women Vases Honey (tree)
Pitaya – Flower pendant – Natural (long)
Pitaya – Macrame plant hanger – Beige (dark leaves)
Pitaya – Photo display – wood
Pitaya – Vintage baskets 03 (natural)
Pitaya – Wild relics – Decorative wheel
KrescendoDriftwood Heart – Yellow

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