Cozy Corgis

Today is the last day of the SL Living Expo, where you can find these gorgeous framed spring artworks from Cotton Blossom Artwork. I know I cut it way too short for you to grab these with time to spare, but if you miss these at the Expo be sure and go check out the mainstore for even more original artwork, greeting cards and musical items, you can find the link below in the credits.

Also make sure to head on over to Why Not ? for the Carfrae Lounge set, and Jian for the adorably cute corgi’s !


Cotton Blossom Artwork – Hello Spring Flowers Frame @ SL Living Expo
Cotton Blossom Artwork – Spring Profusion Frame @ SL Living Expo
JIAN – Cuddly Corgis
Why Not ? – Carfrae Book Shelves
Why Not ? – Carfrae Coffee Table
Why Not ? – Carfrae Lamp Table
Why Not ? – Carfrae Potted Plant in Basket
Why Not ? – Carfrae Wall Art Frame
Why Not ? – Carfrae Wall Table
Why Not ? – Balvraid Rug
Why Not ? – Carfrae Sofa-Cream

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