Modular Victorian

Earlier this month, we were blogging for the SL Living Expo and due to some sketchy time management issues on our end, we were unable to share with you this phenomenal MODit building kit from The Looking Glass. What you see here is the TLG MODit – Starter COMPLETE SET and now that the event has ended it can be found at the main store so head on that way to get yours.

Finished Starter Houses –
Each set has a finished starter house that you can purchase separately or get as part of the Complete Set. Set 1 has the Victorian Estate and Set 2 has the Parisian Row Home. These are finished buildings created using only the pieces and textures from those sets. They are both large, six room houses with numerous fireplaces and were created to demonstrate all aspects of what these sets have to offer. You can use them as they are, use them as a starting point for your own structure or just as reference to see how to put together the parts.

Extras Pack –
Sold separately and included in the Complete Set. This is a collection of detail items you might wish to add to your structure. It includes gutters, shutters, fireplace setups, fire escapes, air conditioning units, TV antennas, mailboxes, planter boxes, wood stoves, solar panels and more! The fire escapes are walkable without the need for any scripting and the fires are animated with particle sparks and sounds included.

Each set contains basic textures and pieces that are in both sets as well as textures and pieces that are unique to that set alone. Both sets come with the same scripts.

The Complete Set contains all textures and pieces from both sets as well as the pieces in the Extras Pack.

Included Scripts in both sets: 13
Set 1 Total Textures: 219
Set 2 Total Textures: 225
Complete Set Total Textures: 267
Set 1 Total Pieces and Templates: 149
Set 2 Total Pieces and Templates: 112
Complete Set Total Pieces: 245


Cerridwens Cauldron – Mythspire Lantern Post – Victorian Iron
The Looking Glass – MODit – Starter COMPLETE SET
The Looking Glass – Parisian Row Home
The Looking Glass – Victorian Estate
Why Not ? – Hanging Flower Basket


Botanical – Lawn Grass
Dust Bunny – hanging plants . double planter
FINCA – Basic Hedges
Monarchs – Maple Tree Green
NSDesign – Roads Urban
The Domineaux Effect – Victorian Walled Garden

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