Heirloom Furniture

Family heirlooms, those things passed down through the generations which are sometimes cherished, and other times end up at the antique or thrift shops. We have several pieces that qualify, including two secretary desks, one of which still has a visible ink bottle ring on its writing surface. We remember being very young and our great grandfather allowing us to play at his desk and being thrilled at all the treasures we would find hidden inside the little cubbies.

Our grandparents have a gorgeous heirloom bedroom set that is huge and insanely heavy. It is a set that we always imagined having ourselves when we were older, but now that we are older and our grandparents are nearing their 90’s we are fairly certain that we have no room in our home for it to fit, so perhaps it would be better suited for one of our cousins who own their own homes and have room for it.


Bloom – Gaston Bench
Bloom – Gaston Picture Frame
Bloom – Gaston table

Bricolage – Vintage Bessarabian Botanical Rug

Dictatorshop – Louis – Corbeille Bed
Dictatorshop – Louis – Dressing Screen
Dictatorshop – Louis – Guest Chair
Dictatorshop – Louis – Lounger
Dictatorshop – Louis – Side Table

What Next – Maison Drapes


Apple Fall – Royal Vase Lamp
Apple Fall – Globe w/ Books – Cream
Nutmeg – Breakfast in Bed
Nutmeg – Framed Florals
Peace Lilly by Alecio Mavendorf

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