Lil Darling

As anyone who has read our blog knows, pink is one of those colors in our system that is either loved or tolerated. Personally, I feel this is a very cute nursery set, but not the color I would choose myself, but Kait or Bekkah certainly would.

This nursery by KittyKate is available for both avatars or Zooby animesh depending on which suits your needs the best.


KittyKate – Darling Balloon Decor
KittyKate – Darling Bedside Lamp
KittyKate – Darling Canopy
KittyKate – Darling Chair
KittyKate – Darling Nightstand
KittyKate – Darling Nursery Curtains
KittyKate – Darling Playtable
KittyKate – Darling Stool
KittyKate – Darling Stroller Decor
KittyKate – Darling Unicorn Shelf
KittyKate – LB/TDB Darling Crib
KittyKate – TD/ LB Darling Heart Playrug
KittyKate – TD/LB Parent/ChildChair
KittyKate – TDB Darling Toddler Bed
KittyKate – TDB/LB Darling Changing Table
KittyKate – TDB/LB Darling Unicorn Tent
KittyKate – TDB/Lulla Darling BathUnit
KittyKate – Darling Chair


Creme Brulee – Mapple Skybox
Half-Deer – Breezy Ceiling Fan – Pearl White

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