The Stairway Hall

Growing up, the bottom of the stairs was always the first place to look for lost items. Missing shoes, school books, backpacks, umbrellas. The top of the stairs was for dirty dishes and laundry. I am not sure what it is about stairs that makes it nearly impossible to want to carry things up or down them.


Enaitch – sweet memories – books set darkw lamp light @ UBER
Enaitch – sweet memories – carpet grey @ UBER
Enaitch – sweet memories – Frame 1 @ UBER
Enaitch – sweet memories – Frame 2 @ UBER
Enaitch – sweet memories – grey sofa @ UBER
Enaitch – sweet memories – natural table @ UBER

InsurreKtion – The Artist Bench @ Tres Chic (til April 10)


Avani – Aged Wooden Catch All Boxes, All
Avani – Leather Magazine Holder
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Crate – Dark Wood
David Heather – Duffle Pile
Dust Bunny – storybook living – old backpack
MYSA – Laundry Basket
Nutmeg – Framed Florals
Nutmeg – Round Frame Collection
Pitaya – Love letters – Pile of Letters
Pitaya – Macrame plant hanger – Beige (light leaves)

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