Gardens of Nimea

When we saw the name of the new release from Bloom Originals for We Love Roleplay, the Nimea Basket, we could not get the idea of ” The Gardens of Nimea ” out of our head.

Hearing the words ” Oh no, the village Shaman has been cursed by an evil wizard. You must travel to the Gardens of Nimea and bring back a vial of the blessed waters to heal him before all is lost !” And we know that most of you just read that in the generic voice of every RPG ever written.


Bloom Originals – Nimea Basket – Blue @ We Love Roleplay

Tm Creation – A touch of wildflowers Garden
Tm Creation – Flowers bushes in mossy rocks Garden
Tm Creation – Pot Ficus Plant
Tm Creation – The Pond Garden Scene


Fundati – Juniper Tree
Landscaping by Felix – Hidden Oasis *Modified

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