So you are in the market for a new home, be sure you are asking all the questions you really want answers to. Your dream home may be haunted, and in most states, sellers don’t have to say boo about it.

This gorgeous Greyside Mansion from HISA, is the result of a post exorcism clean up of the DRD – Mystery Mansion 3 and comes with its own full disclosure.

FULL DISCLOSURE: as per section 6.6.6 of real estate law there was major damage to the entire house prior to renovations. A large breech in the bathroom wall was discovered with a tree and other plant life affixing itself inside and outside of the house. The wall and plant life have all been removed. There may/may not have been one (or more) deaths in the house. Refer to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimyhancroft/48899391076/in/dateposted/

In New York state, if your house is part of a ghost Hunters reality show or even if you publicly blog about your house being haunted, you must disclose that it is haunted when you go to sell it. You can't claim it is haunted while it is convenient and then change your mind when you decide to move on.

In New Jersey, a seller must truthfully tell a buyer if their property comes with phantom roommates, but only if asked.

Nine states have laws around the disclosure of a death on the property. In California, sellers must disclose a death on the property within 3 years. In Alaska, a death within one year must be disclosed. In South Dakota, sellers must disclose a homicide on the property.

In Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Hampshire, New Jersey and South Carolina, sellers must disclose a death on the property only if asked.

So, if you own a home in Texas that was the scene of a chainsaw massacre, you can keep that your own little secret.


HISA – Flora wildflower grass – Mixed Greens
HISA – Floral Bouquet Vines
HISA – Grass – Grass Greens
HISA – Greyside Mansion


DDD – Stoney Path
Fundati – Ashes Tree
Fundati – Giant Oak Tree
Fundati – Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree
Fundati – Plane Tree
Fundati – Summer Oak Tree
Landscaping By Felix – New Mesh Way

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