Bring On The Mojitos

Mojito is a traditional Cuban punch that often consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. If you are like us and are firmly seated ON the wagon, you can mocktail it up with some sprite, lime slices and mint instead !


DRD – Backyard Dock – Dock @ 40% off Quarterly Discount Area

Dreamland Designs – Marie Hanging Canopy

NATURI – Aegean Breeze ArmChair @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Aegean Breeze Coffee Table @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Agean Breeze foot rest @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Aegean Breeze outdoor rug @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Aegean Breeze Sectional @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Evergreen plant @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Lemonade Glass @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Lemonade Jar @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Olive tree in clay pot v2 @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Aegean Breeze Small Coffee Table @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Wood Tray @ Cosmopolitan

Scarlet Creative – Ninette Artist Loft

Tm Creations – [M33] Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement


Dust Bunny – drying beachware
Fapple- Beach Bag Open
FINCA – Cancun beach bag
FINCA – Cancun towel decor
Fundati – Giant Coconut Palm
Fundati – Lipstick Palm
Fundati – Little Tropical Palm
Fundati – Mauritia Palm
Fundati – Palmetto Palm
Fundati – Plant Tropical
Fundati – Tropical Palm
Hive – flor tassled beach towel
Pitaya – Rent a surfboard
Skye – Sandy Beach Pack

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