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The open space of the Alps Modern House Skybox from Erfe Design offers fantastic views from the lower level as well as the upstairs balcony loft space. Your views are not only limited to the Alps, but the surround has multiple scenes to choose from, as we chose the New York skyline for ours.


CHEZ MOI – Malorie Accent Table
CHEZ MOI – Malorie Mirror & Pouf Set

Dictatorshop – Mode – Bed with Rezzing
Dictatorshop – Mode – Chair
Dictatorshop – Mode – Console Cage
Dictatorshop – Mode – Horse

ERFE Design – Alps Modern House Skybox

JIAN – Cat Deco Collection – End Table Sleeper

Short Leash – Love Hurts Toy Rack

What Next – Balboa Floor Lamp
What Next – Balboa Pendant Light
What Next – Balboa Table Lamp
What Next – House Plant – Agave
What Next – Pothos Plant (stand)
What Next – Snake Plant (stand)
What Next – Swiss Cheese Plant (stand)


Black Sand – Arthur Dress Shoes
BROKEN ARROWS – Amanda Toys – Candy
Chloe in Wonderland – Sea Glass Rug Three
Fapple – BDSM Tool Box
No Cabide – My Toys
Pitaya – Secret Toys – Big box pastel

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