Dr Who Saves Jesus

As we have mentioned previously, we are currently binging Dr Who with our most amazing Troy. We are just reaching the end of David Tenant’s reign as the Tenth Doctor, and about to begin the reign of Matt Smith as the Eleventh. We have seen the Doctor save a great many people throughout history and in the future so far, not always successfully, but attempts were made.

This whole series has got us thinking, ya know, it is totally possible that the Doctor showed up inside that tomb in Golgotha and whisked Jesus away in the Tardis, leaving everyone to believe he had risen. Think about that for a minute, interesting idea huh?


Bloom – Patty Carpet
Bloom – Patty Chair
Bloom – Patty Dressoir
Bloom – Patty Gear Clock
Bloom – Patty Sofa
Bloom – Patty Table

Bricolage – Vampire Cat Pillow

DRD – Vintage sign – Bicycles metal plate
DRD – Vintage sign – Dairy metal plate
DRD – Vintage sign – Fresh coffee metal plate
DRD – Vintage sign – General store open daily
DRD – Vintage sign – Groceries wooden sign
DRD – Vintage sign – Homemade pie metal plate
DRD – Vintage sign – Ice cream sign
DRD – Vintage sign – Jaimy’s shop
DRD – Vintage sign – Jesus saves neon sign
DRD – Industrial Wall Lights – Urban

InsurreKtion – Leather Protocol Cushion
InsurreKtion – The Doctor – Wine Bar


Junk Food – Comfy AF Pillow
Kalopsia – Neon Talk – WTF
Random Matter – Lazy Day – Pizza
Random Matter – Lazy Day – Take Away
WeArH0uSE – [loft] B/backdrop/resize

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